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Orville Peck Iris Rose

  • Artista: Orville Peck
  • Música: Iris Rose
  • Exibições: 230 ( ver opiniões )

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Iris Rose Letra

Bez Valley never saw the day
I would’ve wanted you to watch me play
But I hear the songs there are better
Thinking back to those Southern nights
Give it all to hear you call me “guy”
But I know that’s why we don’t say “never”
And I wish you’d stayed; maybe I’d be the same
That’s how she goes, yeah – Iris Rose
Let’s go!

Get along darlin’ – sweet goodbye
Sit alone, together – watch the sky
You tell me not to cry, so I just sigh
That’s how she goes, yeah – Iris Rose

Think about you nearly every day
Dream a lot and it starts to sting
But I hear the wild winds are clever
Red sand keeps you waiting now
Sing it loud so you don’t have to shout

And I’ll say – I wish you’d stayed
That’s how she goes, yeah – Iris Rose
Iris rose, Iris Rose, Iris Rose, Iris Rose